Best Camping Food List

The Ultimate Camping Food List

One of the most important things in preparation for your camping trip is to pack your food. The ideal camping food should last for days and can provide you with energy for your outdoor activities. You can either prepare meals ahead (hint: awesome camping meal ideas) or bring food to cook on the go. In …

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How to waterproof your tent

How to Waterproof a Tent

Are you planning a camping trip during the rainy season? Then, it’s essential to ensure your tent is up to the challenge. Nothing is worse than a tent which lets in all of the cold rain and ruin your camping mood! With this in mind, we’d like to provide you with a practical, step-by-step guide …

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Best Camping Coolers

Best Coolers for Camping

When it comes to camping, some of the essential things are tents and clothes. However, there should be one more must have item on our list: a camping cooler, which makes your camping full of joy by having the fresh food and cold drinks. The tricky part is choosing one of the best coolers for …

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How long does dry ice last?

How Long Does Dry Ice Last?

If you’re planning on going a long hiking or outdoors trip, then you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to be keeping your food from perishing. This is where dry ice comes in. How long does dry ice last? What’s the best way to make it last longer? These are all important things that we’ll …

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