How to keep food cold while camping

How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

If you are in search of answers to the question “how to keep food cold while camping“, this article is going to be your must read. We have compiled many practical and easy tips for you to keep food safe and fresh while being on the road. You can use these tips alternatively or even combine them together for better result. How to Keep Food Cold While Camping.

5 Essential Tools You Can’t Miss

Camping Coolers

A camping cooler is an insulated box that can hold up more number of boxes and ice. People going for camping are suggested to take a portable cooler along with them, because it can store relatively more number of boxes. As they are made from an insulating material, they can help in keeping your food cold. Other than this, you are suggested to cover it with the towel to avoid direct sunlight. Keeping foods away from sunlight will help in preserving them for a longer period.

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Ice Packs

To keep your food cold, you will need ice packs. It is common that food kept in low temperatures can be safe to use in long terms. Low temperatures discourage the growth of bacteria. You can surround the boxes of food with ice packs. It will help in keeping your food cold that can be used later in the trip. Make sure you keep enough ice packs with you.

Air Tight Bags

When you will be packing your food into containers, make sure you use air tight bags or boxes. As there will be more items placed together, there should not be any bacteria penetrating one another. Using air tight boxes or bags can prevent cross contamination. It is necessary to worry about cross contamination because if one item becomes a victim of contaminated food, other items will also rot. Therefore, air tight bags are important to be used.

Fresh Ice

When you are traveling towards your destination, you are preferred to stop and buy some fresh ice. This new ice should be kept in food boxes so that it can be maintained right for use. You will find new ice on petrol pumps or restaurants that pass by. Pull over and get a good amount of ice that can stay good for a longer period. This fresh ice can also be kept in a portable cooler. Since it is made from insulated material, it can hold the ice for more time on a stretch. You should get enough ice that can fulfill your need until you reach your destination.

Iced Water Bottles

This is another safety precaution you could choose. You can fill and freeze more plastic bottles. Keep your food items in contact with these frozen water bottles so that your food can stay cold. Frozen items can stay good for a longer period. If you will be carrying frozen water bottles, makes sure you keep it away from sunlight otherwise they will melt right away. If this happens then, water bottles will become of no use to you.​

Tips to Remember

Use Clean Utensils

When you cook your food to take it for camping, you should make sure you use clean utensils. The pot you cook in, the box you will store in and other utensils used while cooking should be thoroughly clean. Even if there is small particle present, it can contribute in contaminating your food. In light of this fact, everyone is suggested to look for utensils which are free from all kinds of impurities. There must be no germs in the box you are packing food in.​

Freeze Food Ahead

It is obvious that you will be cooking food beforehand. You are suggested to prepare your food, let it cool down and then store it in the freezer. If you keep your food in a fridge before leaving, it can help in preserving food for later use. Since the food item will be already frozen before you leave home, you will need fewer ice packs. Frozen foods can stay good for use for a longer period than usual.

Wrap Food Carefully

Camping will include barbecue nights and some other adventurous things. For this, you will surely keep raw materials with you (such as beef or chicken). It is not prohibited to take these things along, but you are preferred to wrap it in such a way that no bacteria can reach the product. You are suggested to double cover raw food. Other cooked foods can be wrapped once, but raw food should be kept away from them. Wrapping plays an important role, so do not forget to do it the right way.

Place Food in The Right Order

As you will be keeping more number of foods with you, you should know how to place them in the box. You must have planned which item to eat first, therefore keep that box at the top. The item you wish to eat in last days should be maintained at the bottom. Apart from this, you should be intelligent enough to place heavier boxes in the bottom rather than at the top. Lighter items should be kept at the upper part so that they do not get under heavy weight and get spoiled for use.

Bring Extra Ice Packs

To be on a safer side, you are suggested to keep extra ice packs with you. What if weather becomes extremely hot? Or there is more sun shining on that particular day? You would not want your food to get wasted, do you? Avoid every risk and keep extra ice packs. Whether they have to be used or not, you must have some ice packs in reserve. Having some extra things will not do you harm. Instead, it will come into use.


These methods are tried and tested. They help greatly as compared to go camping without these objects. The most capable of ways are to buy a portable cooler and keep more ice packs. These two methods are sustainable. Following the above-mentioned tips are important for everyone going out for camping as they would need fresh food to eat. Instead of eating rotten food and getting sick, you can select one of these tips to follow.