Why Yeti Coolers are so Expensive

Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive?

Most people think that, a cooler is just an equipment to keep food cold while camping and it doesn’t have to cost a leg and an arm. However, if thinking further of how much a premium cooler can protect food for days, save on ice and even preserve flesh from a great hunt kill, you will agree it is totally worth an investment.

Yeti is obviously the brand that rings the bell when it comes to high-end coolers. But, you may ask “why are Yeti coolers so expensive?”

If you’re having a hard time justifying several hundred dollars on a cooler, we’ll be going over the great benefits you get from Yeti coolers. 

How Much Do Yeti Coolers Cost?

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All this talk about Yeti coolers is probably making you wonder, how much do they cost? Like with most cooler brands, it’s going to depend on how much room you’re going to need. Smaller models are $250-$300, while the biggest Yeti cooler will cost you $1,299.99. While these prices may seem ridiculous considering these are just coolers, there is a reason for this which we will go over in our next section.

Outstanding Features of Yeti Coolers

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For how much Yeti coolers cost, they are definitely worth the price. Especially if you enjoy hobbies such as fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor adventures, a reliable Yeti cooler can be just what you need to take your experience to a whole other level. Here is a list of features Yeti coolers give you and why it’s awesome

#1 Strong and Durable Build

The Yeti cooler is the ultimate cooler to bring with on your outdoor trips. The Yeti brand itself gives users a generous warranty because of how sure they are of the quality. If you’ve seen videos like “500 lb man vs Yeti”, then you’re already aware of how built to last. Whether it be serious falls or rough handling, your Yeti cooler can handle it all.

​The main and first problems people run into with the typical cooler is that the hinges and handles wear out. With T-Rex latches (aka the same latches used on ATVs), and Yeti NeverFail hinges, you get a durable system that runs along the full length of the lid. Not only that, but the aluminum rod is rust-proof and the handles are made of extremely strong polyester rope and LipGrip handles. Even the plug and Leak proof Vortex drain system was constructed very well to ensure that you get no leaks over time.

#2 Amazing Insulation for Ice

Yeti coolers are made to keep ice lasting for days, even in hot weather. The walls and lids of these coolers are pressure-injected with polyurethane foam (commercial grade) that can be as thick as 3 inches in the largest Yeti’s. The Yeti cooler “PermaFrost” insulation is what makes this cooler so reliable. This is what ensures your ice, food, and beverages stay cold all day.

​Yeti coolers are amazing at keeping food and drinks cool during long camping, hunting, and fishing trips. Like mentioned before, you can even use your Yeti for reliable storage when it comes to a hunter’s kill or a fisherman’s catch. Going through all that hard work and patience can be completely ruined when you don’t have the proper storage and transportation means for your fish or kill.

#3 Super Tight Seal​

One of the most annoying things people hate about the typical, standard cooler in the market is that sometimes it doesn’t seal up the way you were hoping. This leaves you with warm drinks, mushy (or even spoiled) food, your ice all melted and maybe even a wet mess. The Yeti cooler ensures that this doesn’t happen by providing users with a Freezer-esque ColdLock.

How to Pick a Yeti Cooler?

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If you thought that was all, there is more. Depending on the Yeti cooler you choose, you get many other features and not to mention, there are a ton of choices to choose from. Here is a list of the different Yeti cooler models to give you a taste the selection:

  • Hopper Flip 12
  • Hopper Two 20, 30 & 40
  • Hopper 30 & 40
  • Tank 45 & 85
  • Tundra 35, 45, 50, 65, 75, 105, 110, 125, 160, 210, 250 & 350
  • Roadie 20

From this selection, you can choose form portable cooler bags, to coolers large enough to fit enough drinks and food for a large family for a few days. All of these different models means that you can pick the right one to suit your needs. There’s no reason to get the largest Yeti cooler if you’re just looking for something to help keep a 12 pack of beers cool.

​You don’t only get a wide array of options to choose from, but also a ton of great Yeti features which are as follows. Keep in mind this isn’t for every Yeti cooler, this is just a list to let you know the different features you may run into depending on which cooler you choose:

  • Dry ice compatibility
  • Dry goods basket to keep foods in good condition
  • A manufacturer’s 5 year warranty
  • AnchorPoint tie down points that are molded in to help secure the cooler to a boat, truck bed, or trailer
  • DryHide shell (for portable coolers) that is waterproof, mold resistant, and FDA approved.

The Final Verdict

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, whether it be for camping, hikes, fishing, or hunting, it’s probably best that you invest in one of the high quality Yeti coolers for you own good. It’s going to keep your food and drinks cooler for longer and you will never have to worry about your kill or catch going bad on the trip home.

​Yeti coolers cost a pretty penny and for a really good reasons. These are simply the best and highest quality coolers you can find in the market. So what are you waiting for? Save more money and time in the long run with one of these coolers.